What is OVpay?

What is OVpay?

Who is OVpay for?

Why do we need OVpay?

Where can I share my feedback of OVpay?

When will OVpay be starting?

Where can I pay with OVpay?

Why OVpay?

What’s going to happen?

Where do I find more information about the trial in Gooi en Vechtstreek?

Where can I find all the information about the trial in Lelystad?

Where can I find an overview of my travel history and costs of the trial checking in and out with your debit or credit card?

Why was an amount of € 0,- debited from my credit card?

Where will the next trial take place?

Can I be a part of one of the real-life trials?

Payment methods

Can I keep using the OV-chipkaart I have now?

Who’s participating?

Who’s participating in OVpay?

What public transport companies will I be able to use OVpay with?

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