That's how we will pay in public transport

More choices, more flexibility

Something is about to change in public transport. In the bus, the train, the tram, the metro: Soon you will be able to check in and check out of public transport the way you prefer: with your contactless debit card, credit card, phone. And a wearable? Yes, that too. Your trusty OV-chipkaart also remains an option for now.

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These are all the options you can choose from:

Icon payment card

Contactless debit card or credit card

Do you travel in second class, without discounts or subscriptions? Then Checking in and out with your contactless debit card or credit card is the option for you! It’s that simple. Perfect for a spontaneous day out! Would you like to learn more about where it's already possible? Click here.

Icon OV-chipcard

OV-chipkaart: nice and familiar

Travelling on public transport with the familiar OV-chipkaart will remain an option. However, the current OV-chipkaart will slowly be replaced with a new one. It will incorporate new technologies that support new services. What those services will look like? We'll let you know. You can keep using your OV-chipkaart until then.

Icon mobile

Phone: everything within reach

Your debit card, ticket or train travel with GPS. Thanks to your phone you will have everything within reach. The OV-chipkaart will also join this lineup in the future. You decide what suits you best.

Icon train travel with gps

Train travel with GPS: it can be that easy

There's something new for the train traveler in the Netherlands: travel with GPS on your phone. This will make train travel even easier. This is possible with Arriva Flow. Would you like to know more about Train travel with gps? Click here.

Icon qr-code

Tickets: here to stay

Buying an individual ticket will remain available for those who prefer it. We will do whatever needed to make travelling and payment in public transport as easy as possible.